Reviews for "Alice in Wonderbra!"

That was pretty funny,gotta give you that.

The animation and backgrounds and everything are fine,but like many others pointed out,it's the voice acting and lip synching that need some major work. It's still solid enough for me to give you a 3.5 out of 5 though. The reasons for the decrease in points are the voice acting,lip synching and the voices overall.

Don't let that stop you making new content though,i still liked the rest.

TendoRanma responds:

Thank you, next episode will be better.

For a first abimation tha was damn good.
But the voice acting and general sound arrrr.

TendoRanma responds:

True, I'm sorry I will improve thank you.

Nice animation dude, I like Alice a lot.
A little extra work on the lip sync its needed, but still good.
Is this going to be a series ? I really hope so.

TendoRanma responds:

Thank you! I need to improve sorry. Everyone gives me encouragement, I'm surprised thanks to all!

Everything is brilliantly perfect except for the voice acting / recording for alice. The voice acting on the door knob is genius, too bad Alice sounds weird. Still deserves 5 stars. Awesome.

TendoRanma responds:

Thanks a lot!!! and is true the audio is a ....... is difficult to find a female voice actor, but it is no excuse. I will improve.

Now I'm hot. More chapters, please. O.O