Reviews for "Lands of Mobius Ep2"

Good story so far and nice action.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

Jeez, the amount nostalgia I got after playing this piece, it's too much-

This was pretty good, although the dialogue needs some fine tuning. Other than that, it was really well done and creative!

Cool game...
I like the Final Fantasy style, but something weird about the "Game Over" theme
No matter I enjoyed, but you make the "Tornado" can be clicked, but doesn't happens nothing... why?

fullmetalchaz responds:

I think that was originally meant to be the secret medal but I changed it for Sonic's shoes, guess I forgot to remove it.

As for the game over theme, it's from FF7.

nice game! but sometimes the game starts lagging for some reason

That was fun thanks!