Reviews for "Lands of Mobius Ep2"

This game is good but easy medals are unlocked in only 2 attempts.
Still it's great

Please make another episode of it! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, not bad as a movie, but rather easy as a game. I liked the first episode better because its not quite so easy to get METAL Sonic to use his limit break (i'm pretty sure its not "mecha," but you can still go with it if you want). The bee fight was an embarrassment tbh (*one of 2 primary reasons for lower rating*). Having 4 or 5 bees at once to make it a challenge would have been much more fun.

It also bugs me a bit that it was short. It was pretty obvious that Sonic was gonna catch up to Tails (although I wasn't sure if Tails was still alive, I'll give you that), and still being on the same island (which generates a hint of boredom) with no more questions answered doesn't help either. At least the ending leaves us with suspense, you have that much going story wise.

And here's the big reason for the lower rating: unless the question mark guy that tutors you on the materia is going to reveal himself as an actual character, you may want to dis-include him completely in future episodes. With the difficulty that was in the first episode, it should be safe to assume that those who appreciate challenges are not at all fans to being told mostly obvious stuff like how a mana expensive 90% damage reduction spell that blocks damage for a single turn should be used rarely.

I'll admit, it was almost insulting when the question mark guy told me to cast Shield right when Metal Sonic spent a whole turn charging an attack. It's pro RPG common sense: enemy charging/preparing an attack = defend to avoid massive damage. Going from the interesting challenges from the first episode to this guy that spoon feeds you in this episode was not the best move.

Even if this guy does show up as a part of the story, he and anything else better not give any more tutorials.

So overall, this isn't bad, but there's some not so good stuff that could be removed or changed to make it better. Also, I hope that the next episode will shed light on a few things to have us more intrigued, that alone could up the rating a full star.

fullmetalchaz responds:

I ain't reading all that.

good stuff ! Any chance of EP.3 coming soon?

fullmetalchaz responds:


This is a great game because I earn all the medals with out a struggle.By the way that sums up to 300 medal points which is nice. The story line is fun and a little interesting. I believe that you could make it better by having voice actors or actress in it. Give mode easy , normal or hard so it can be challenging and fun for every one.