Reviews for "Lands of Mobius Ep2"

Pretty Awesome Game Piggyclock :)

That cliffhanger though...

Really looking forward to how Ep3 will go. Kind of wish they could come out sooner given the stories seem rather short and seems a rather large part of the making goes towards music and RPG battle mechanics.

Hopefully Ep3 introduces a slightly better battle mechanic rather than fixed damage amounts for everything. Not saying it is a bad thing but it takes a bit away from the RPG style battles.

The music and sound effects were fitting.

Nice to see Shadow at the end and his "damn fourth chaos emerald." Wonder where the third one is...

Medals were also great.

Overall, nice piece but seems there was more focus on the RPG battles and the music rather than the story which ended up being a bit too short in my opinion.

fullmetalchaz responds:

Oh trust me, I would love to make an improved turn based engine rather than using the same one for god knows how long but I can't seem to find the resources to do so.

hmmm i rate it dis mutch becuse half im sonic fan so i vote this 3.5 stars

Good story so far and nice action.
The medals work, and I earned them all.