Reviews for "Lands of Mobius Ep2"

Super COOL

Good game

nice game! but sometimes the game starts lagging for some reason

Will get this out of the way, the story is nothing to write home about. It seems like every other sonic fan story out there as far as I know.

I will say that the battle system is very stable, being a very very simplified final fantasy system, but the challenge is very non existent, the game kinda holds your hand the entire time.

The animation of the movie scenes is quite nice, but the dialogue can be tuned a bit.

The music choices are really good and the sound effects are quite high quality.

Overall, It's a decent game, but I feel that it should probably have been a flash movie instead.

Cool game...
I like the Final Fantasy style, but something weird about the "Game Over" theme
No matter I enjoyed, but you make the "Tornado" can be clicked, but doesn't happens nothing... why?

fullmetalchaz responds:

I think that was originally meant to be the secret medal but I changed it for Sonic's shoes, guess I forgot to remove it.

As for the game over theme, it's from FF7.