Reviews for "Lands of Mobius Ep2"

It's good I like your work on that episode ! Very intuitive medals by the way, I enjoyed playing your game until the last minute.

flawless !! :)) , and dat persona 3 soundtrack tho

This game was absolutely flawless! I like how it was inspired by one of my a favorite series when I was slightly younger. You must continue this series, FOR THE SONIC FANS!! Also, keep up the great work man! :)))))))

story 9/10
graphics 8.5/10
sound effects=AMAZING.

now here my questions:
1. are u gonna make an ep 3?

2.if so... after u have finished the series,are u gonna make another Sonic series with medals or without?

3.are u gona reply this?

P.S.:please reply to this.

it was a little short and dim in animation everything else was pretty great