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Reviews for "Voorhees' Day Off"

wonderful work, and excellent, in the drawings of the face/stature/general design of jason vorhees, and also on mr. mike myers....
....but also, great on the humour as well.
good scenes, and i enjoyed the moment where jason imagines that he slashes his obnoxious co-worker, and eventually drinks beer, and tries to find a more...''unique'' job at his friend mike's joint.
then the ending was superb.

this was a funny movie, with well-drawn human(?) characters.
perhaps one fo your best films, imo.

keep it up, you are in a great way.

DkrMedia responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

Lol Freddy Krueger XD.

Halloween decorating

other than jason not flipping out and killing everybody for no reason, i thought it was pretty good. :-)

DkrMedia responds:


Hard to believe those movies now seem tame and harmless compared to whats out now. We are a sick society.