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Reviews for "{Red Alert}"

CoCK JOkE +1

omg noob i KNOW mUSIC CAusE Im BIlLY RAy CYrUS

wtf iVE HAD TOO MuCh SUGAr W()()()()()7

lol it sounds liek a wookie more than a siren, i loev it, nuce attempt at teh good old break down, maybe make that longer, i love it, and i love you


for percussion and trout!

You speak jibberish too?

sakjhdjhfdsgjlkjfdskjgposdfjgpo XD


This has got to be the best DNB I've ever heard on Newgrounds since API stopped submitting. This has to be so original. But yet the beginning told me....uuugh just another spamming song wasting space. But then as the song went into it, I said WOW!


Pretty Good

This song was a little too mixed for my taste, But I like what you did with the bass. The song had a good steady beat and rythem. Not your best work, but certainly not your worst. I give you a 9.