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Reviews for "{Red Alert}"


This is the kind of music I wanted to hear! Good job, it reminds me of Metal Gear Solid, a bit, like a crap load of guards and bots run into the room and surround Snake.


couldnt think of a description i see anyway its really good kinda short for me but very clear


Oh wait, you use qwerty. Nevermind.

The track was certainly lively... I think it sounds awesome. What's it licensed under? cc?

Sounds like a freaking sweet piece of game soundtrack right there. *Sirens start, enemies enter room, music goes techno-y, butt kicking commences.*

Makes me feel pumped. Good job. Would you consider making, like, an album of stuff like this? I could help with the album art.

Awesome DnB

Keep up the good work, man. Between you and Cheshyre, my desire for -good- original techno is fulfilled. ^_^


i had my music on full and BVLM, this high piched noise came along and blew my ear druums away! i agree with what you said Ian:
akfhjalskfhjasdnvlknaslkvnlksan lkasdaslkd nvgas :D

agree indeed