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Reviews for "King's Rush"

Newgrounds' pop up ads glitched this game badly at Day 50 for me. Thanks a lot newgrounds...

What a run! Usually the King isn't the one sitting in the frontseat either, fresh idea playing such an important character! Graphics are nice, and the atmosphere has a kind of Christmassy feel to it. Keep it going!


Finish...nice game if you get time extra..in paradise

The Ballista is almost mandatory to get rid of small threats, so you can use your cannon on bigger enemies or buildings.
Too bad it's buggy.
Sometimes it kills two soldiers in one hit, sometimes it's shots pass right through enemies, sometimes it misses completely.
And upgrades to gadgets don't seem to really do much, at least not the first one.

Could be more fun with a few fixes and improvements.

Beat the first level to progress to the second level, which offers the exact same gameplay experience but requires even more farming.