Reviews for "Near"

Really fun man! I like those sick glow effects, especially that trail you added.

When I started the game I just waited and listened to the awesome music.
It has a nice rhythm to it.
The overall menu has a nice-looking sleek design, but it's not perfect.
When I first started the game I had no idea what was going on, so I was grateful to
see you've added instructions.
The idea of the game is very unique. It's wonderfully executed, challenging and fun!

It's nice to see some new ideas come around.
Although it needs some polishing on the design.

I really enjoy this game. Not bad for a first attempt. :) I like the music but a mute button would be helpful.

A nice, simple game. A little easy and somewhat repetitive, but I enjoyed it. :)

It seems to be a fine game, but i guess something is wrong with it. While I'm writing this review I'm standing very near the orb (almost touching it) and nothing happens. I don't die, timer's running, points taken. It seems I could just stay in place for as long as it takes to get all the medals for the game.