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Reviews for "Sneaky Explorer City 3"

So I get pieces of gold, to buy apples, so that I can give the apples away, and then get another apple in return? With that logic I might as well have not given her the apples at all and just kept em. But other than that, it was a fun game.

Good game but too simple challenges.

Good but seems to be just a task game, get me this - get me that, go errand boy go. Some puzzles would be nice. Table tops hinted at a puzzle, but then amounted to nothing. When a game becomes work and fun dissipates, then it is no longer a game at least in my definition, fun should be goal one.

Great Gloob! I recognize the guy in front of the market from your detective flop phone games!!! Great walk down memory lane.

Good but day 2 glitched