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Reviews for "Emma: Zombie Defense!"

This game with a lot of potential, but needs a bi of polish to make it great. An option to buy items would be nice, as would the ability to repair and/or upgrade the barn's health.

fun time killer. once you find the sweet spot its pretty easy only the quick ones get threw and your back line or use buttons to take them out. seems like there needs some price balancing though

Liked it at first but go kinda boring after wave 30. Also it says your game saves after every wave. It doesn't save. So thats a bug you need to fix. Also at one point i was using the dog and when it came back it wouldn't let me use it ever again. It said it was avaliable but the dog wouldn't come back out. This was around wave 25.

Definitely fun but the repetition (as with most TD games) gets real old real fast when options are limited. Easy to figure out what your "tower" ability is, but ya DEFINITELY need to detail what the upgrades are. No clue if it's worth an expensive upgrade or just buy more of that character.

Upgrading Buttons yourself would also be more fun and challenging than the auto. I also recommend adding more items to the specials in addition to being able to buy them. I like the novelty of getting 'em via random dumps, but when you go 3 rounds without one, it gets frustrating.

I like TD where damage is ...~"high"/"medium"/"low", why price is not ...~"high"/"medium"/"low" =)