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Reviews for "Emma: Zombie Defense!"

awesome art! fun game c:

As tower defense games go, this one is not too hard. It seems well balanced: I ended up with a mix of towers, and it doesn't seem like you could win by spamming any one tower (except maybe emma, who seems to end up on all the corners... but that's not really spamming, more like strategic placement!!)

Zombie incapacitators never seemed that useful (except in the last stand). Mines are good backup when you're still working out a strategy. It is annoying you can't move "towers" - maybe I'm not asking them nicely enough??

Really what makes this game is the animation/art and music - the art is somewhere on the charming dark palette - the perfect amount of "roughness" to give it a visceral feel, but still look good. And the drums!!

This game is amazing, I like it a lot!!

Its challenging so its not really just a knock over for a casual gamer like me.

does wave 50 just keep going on forever? This was fun. along the lines of the complaints i'm reading below, I feel not having those lends this to having more of a survival horror feel to it. You don't have stats, health bars, stores, Just a ton of zombies to kill.

cool game!!