Reviews for "Barons Gate 2"

Nice game, you have a lot of Diablo in your game :'). I don't know if you can sell in the game BUT what I know is that you can buy items from your own inventory and have 2 copies of them and for free!! :D

Super fun physics and action platformer. You really feel your skills improve as you move through the game, picking off headshots mid-air while drinking potions. Super smooth mechanics besides a few freezes here and there. Only thing that could make this game even better is the option to go full screen.

Dragosha responds:


Superb game, love side scrollers wish there more of them of this quality. Took me a while to figure out you can upgrde your armour in the inventory but my bad! This is the best one I have played since Intrusion! Great atmospheric music, brilliant gameplay, Top game, Thank you! Will there be a sequel? I hope so. Great work and thanks again!

Dragosha responds:


Awesome game! The controls are flawless, the atmosphere eerie and detailed, the varied ways of which you make use of your weaponry awesome. What'd make it even more so: turning those achievements into actual medals via the NG API! That'd be a reward like no other. :) Keep up the great work!


Dragosha responds:

Thanks )

I had a lot of fun playing this.
The atmosphere you've created with the graphics alone is pretty good, but the music adds an
even greater depth to this fun adventure.
Well done.
I would love to see more 2D RPG platformers from you down the road.
Perhaps a futuristic punk sci-fi or steam punk type of game??
Keep up the great work!

Dragosha responds:

Thanks a lot!