Reviews for "Barons Gate 2"

Very good game. Sure, it got off to a shaky start with all the glitches but as you've corrected them the game has gotten much better. I think there is one remaining glitch, however, at least for me. I found "Frederic prison" but it contains no Frederic, which is where I'm guessing the compound bow of Frederic comes from. I see only a question mark on the lower left side. Is this actually a glitch or is there some deeper level I just haven't reached yet?

Dragosha responds:

Now with Frederic. I removed a trigger that hidding Frederic from location after you open next levels. Try.

Just the type of game i like. Its pretty entertaining. Would be nice with a leveling and ability system but still fun without. There were a few glitches but they didn't subtract from the game really. All and all great game. Good job!

Stellar game! Sometimes the protagonist gets stuck moving in one direction which is a pain. A little cheat for you all is to highlight an item from the shop and click "drop item" to get it for free. ;) Wish we could sell items. :(

Enjoyed this game though it was really short.

Best levels were the ones with most puzzles to slow down progress. First ten levels were all pretty much flat ground so I ran through them in no time. You are not penalized for death so why not?

Enemies could have had more armor and weak spots and maybe weaknesses to different elements so player would be required to use different strategies.

The only way to kill bosses was to just shoot at head and take hits while you ran past them to get to other side? Effective but zero skill required. Would have preferred more platforms or temporary platforms against bosses and death from just a hit or two. Final boss only required jumping over the fire as far as possible.

Killing enemies with an overpowered bow is very satisfying...

Dragosha responds:

yep )