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Reviews for "Mario and Luigi: Bro Pros"

lmao, at the start there I thought the 'oh no' was due to the newspaper getting stuck to his face. XD There's plenty of unexpected in this animation. Not just that, but the Luigi with long legs, the Mario going all Luffy-style, the ending, lmao.... doesn't get more random! Everything's smoothly animated too. Nice work!


Where was the explosion???!!!!

"Something that sounds like a falling grenade can be heard" "BOOM"
That sir, were a humor bomb! WOOOHOOO!ยง


The video worked flawlessly for me, haha.

I liked it a lot, haha! The flying mustaches were what made this for me, lol. Keep making shorts like this, and I think you did a very nice job! I appreciated the high level of randomness and the fast pace of the 'story'.

My only recommendation is to work some more on frame-by-frame animations and polishing up the audio design. :)