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Reviews for "Mario and Luigi: Bro Pros"


5 out of five!!!

Meh lacks content and it wasnt really that funny it was just MEH

You said you needed feedback on your short. This is fantastic first off. Like everyone else said. One f the most unique Mario parodies ever. I would totally watch this cartoon if it existed over the actual real-life cartoons. There are certain times when the animation comes off what's the word...eh...flashy? Like you can tell at certain parts it's computer animated. Mostly at the long arm parts. The arms should be a bit more noodly and curvy at those parts. And Peach at the end came off like an animation "puppet" if you will. Now that I'm done being a critical asshole. This was friggin hilarious and had a lot of great twists. You have a new fan and I look forward to future animations. :)

Fitzpresident responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean about the puppetry of Peach and I agree that the stretchy arms could use more elasticity. I'll keep that in mind for future animations :)

This expanded my dong.But anyway this could have been longer though(also great video)

I dont understand the meaning of this i hope you take no offence