Reviews for "-Sunwalker-"

I like how you add a bit of swing to some of your songs, especially with this one! It also sounds like something you'd hear at a halloween party.

Yay! New Waterflame music!

Dammit, WF too good.
Knew it was FM even before I looked at the description.
If I have any complaints, it's that the song doesn't have a very interesting melody in the middle.
I'm getting some -Chaotic- vibes at the end of the piece though, which was fun. (And also slightly annoying, because it took me three minutes of replaying it to figure out what it sounded like.)

Waterflame responds:

Hehe, Thank you! And the constructive criticism is appreciated. I was considering having the more mellow part in the middle be the intro, and the end/start points be the middle attraction, maybe in retrospect, that would have worked out better?

So happy and catchy!I might make a level with this in gd!