Reviews for "-Sunwalker-"

Easily one of your best songs yet! I keep getting Sonic 1 vibes from parts of this. Just wondering (as I usually do) but can I use this in my custom SCP mod? I will say everything that's needed and such. Keep up the amazing work Waterflame!

I have a really cool idea, but I can't program: a game called the Waterflame Collection, with a ton of 8-bit games inspired by Waterflame songs. (Electroman adventures, superwing heroes. Etc...)

Pretty cool song, nice tune. Somehow reminds me of -Clouds- track. Keep it up!

Nice happy music, lot of changes in tune, which always good, but still kept to the same theme. Why you lost the half star? It just ended up sounding a bit annoying after I had listened to the tune for a while, I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was, which I'm sorry for (as a programmer myself I know how helpful constructive criticism can be) but the tune and swing to it just started messing with my head after a bit.

sorry but that tittle doesn't fucking match the current god damned 40 degree weather