Reviews for "-Sunwalker-"


For some god forsaken reason...I've heard this beat from somewhere before...I just can't put my finger on it. Was there an older take on this brilliant piece of ear tingling goodness?

It just takes me back to soo many SNES and SEGA games it's ridiculous!
The beat, the atmosphere, the BASS!! OMG THE BASS!
Windows 10 audio Codex really brings this beat alive when played in the "pre-installed pos music player"...but when played on a Windows Vista/7 computer...there are subtle differences that make you wanna reach out and slap the author...in a loving and peaceful way mind you!

What I really liked about this piece would have to be the beat overall seeing as how it actually has a Maze-like feel to it, and then there's that Over-World cruisin' feel you can get with it as well.
I do have a small suggestion ~ and that would be a Tempo Increase.
Other than that, you have one hell of a Nostalgia-enabling piece of tunage here and that gets 5/5 all around!

Great song! I even made a Geometry Dash level out of it. For those interested, search "Blared" in Geometry Dash! Keep it coming, Waterflame!

Love the beat and just the all around sound nice song bro;)

it reminds me of OMFG- yeah. thats one of my favorite songs