Reviews for "Sneaky Explorer The City"

Very good! I like the added interaction with all the characters, as well as walking around the world actually doing things for and with other people. I also noticed that you added the dummy actions, like feeding the fish for no apparent reason. Treasure hunting in a modern city sounds fun, a bit like...


I also liked the music, and the exterior city view, with the sunset just behind the buildings.

Looking forward to the rest of this series.

Fun and simple point n click . Just a nice game to play for the hell of it. Cant wait for more

Excellent as usual! I cannot wait until the next day to discover more...

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! It does get better!

A really amazing game! I really enjoyed playing the game, but I think the best part was the background song/music. It was so relaxing and perfect.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks so much!

I'm glad you are still keeping up this great quality work. Whenever I play your games I never get bored. Keep the good work.

selfdefiant responds:

Glad you liked it. :)