Reviews for "Sneaky Explorer The City"

Not a bad game! I get that this probably isn't for my age group, but it was a fun play anyway. The coins were probably the most rewarding search part, everything else went by fairly quickly. Feels like this wouldn't need to be split into parts, but then again it's nice with shorter segments to play through than one big game. Looking forward to next one!


SD, your games are improving.

I am still trying to play them all, i've been working on it off and on for a few weeks now..I just got to the outer space one, I've been doing them all in order until this one. When I saw it was one of the trending games I wanted to see if it was another one of your games, and it was! :D

You are creating a name for yourself through hard work, and I can see how you've improved as a dev, good job man. I know you do most of this, if not all of it, on your own. I always know I'm in for a fun game when I play one of your games. This was a good one :)

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. ;)

Amusing, but the music is quite bad, the way the "story" goes is quite absurd (my friend just will not appear before my dad can fish ? yeaaaah, right), and the coin-hunting is not very funny as you HAVE to find every coin. Less than 10 minutes spent on it though, so... yeah.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks, I loved the music and so did many others. Is this honestly the first game you have played where you had to do a task before you could unlock or do the next? I don't think it's anything new.

good game i really2 like it!

Interesting game, I don't really know why I am wandering around doing things for people but I suppose it makes more sense as the game progresses. Nice lazy music, like a summer day. I like how you take suggestions and sometimes incorporate them into your games. Also the color codes in many scenes seem important but amount to nothing, which keeps one guessing if they will apply to a puzzle. Why mother is asking if I have seen father before I go to bed is kind of odd. All the medals worked fine. Hope some level of difficulty enters in and doesn't just end up being a task-based game. It would be good if some of the coin operated machines could take coins in exchange for useful items or just a newspaper or food. Good job!