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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

I really got addicted to it, thanks to the grinding system, but the difficulty curve is kinda broken for me. Sometimes you just go through lots of levels without even trying and then suddenly you have to grind for one particular level. And after that it's easy again (even worse when you got the pendant). Doesn't really feel like I'm making progress but more like the game's giving me a nice tap on the back. But like the others said, fun but reptitive.
Purely subjective though: The glam rock haired angels are you sure? (but the art is really nice though, as always in your games)

Great game
Add me: kagemaster

Really good bullet-hell. (spoilers) But that goofy dragon needs to be tweaked, much harder than the other bosses even if you're over-leveled. Worth playing if your dodging skills are up for it!

Where are the co-op?
but the game is ok