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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

Really nice done game, art and sound are very good, as for story I'm ar act III for now and I'd like to see what will happen next. I didn't like that you need to save for items, they cost 1k-2k and you can get 100-200 gold per level.

Overall it is great game ;)

BerzerkStudio responds:

Thanks a lot! Loot might get better further in the game.... :)

The game is fun and enjoyable but there are some bugs. I can't sign up or login and I think I lost a skill point when I leveled up and completed 3 mission.

BerzerkStudio responds:

What happens when you try to log in / sign up? Help us crush that bug!

good game


Extreme difficulty, but for what reason?
As a game, Sky Quest is enjoyable. However, the execution turns it into a chore. Levels are filled with bullet-spongy enemies who bounce around a time limit before executing an ultimate "You're screwed" finisher. This gives interesting variety; - You have to know what is the biggest threat, and when...But it can also make the game's slow start incredibly frustrating. It feels as if everything is geared towards you spending a dollar or two to get an upgrade, to get that "Little edge" over the game.

The RPG mechanics are fun, although the skill tree is drab and uninspired. There's room for improvement; - Possibly more enemies while lowering their maximum health, rather than everything a meat-shield that you have to pound bullets into, risking precious life.

I can give it a 4/5 since I truly enjoy challenges.

BerzerkStudio responds:

Hey man ! Lachhh here,

Thanks for the feedback,

I knew this would happen :). I beta tested the game with a lot people a week ago on Twitch, and I actually talked about difficulty :

In the end, I ended up decreasing the difficulty a lot in the early stage just to be sure.

Also, I wanted to be sure that there's always a easier side quest you can do to unlock a new item and get stronger. I can assure you that you don't need to pay at any moment of the game. As a proof, I've streamed my whole playthrough on Twitch. :).