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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

Once again, another quality game from Berzerk Studio.

Original Plot? Check
Voice Acting? Special Check
Ass Kicking?! Radical Check!

Yep, all seems good here on my board, keep up the good work fellas, and here's to many hours of my time spent on trying to complete this game!

Great game, very addicting.

As already mentioned, there could be some indication of the base dmg dealt the abilities, as well as the dmg increase per grenade/bolt/meteor/etc you get by adding level points into ship damage.

Meteor rain and homing missiles need some improve, the dmg dealt by them is too low for the mana cost. The maximum mana is pretty low too, making grenade pretty much the only dmg skill worth using. I also missed some way to increase skill usefulness other than lvl pts. It would be nice to see some max mana or mana regen bonus in the items, and perhaps making ship dmg from equips also affect skill dmg.

The gold reward from the battles is also is very low, making the x2 gold bonus and the passive gold boost a little useless. My main source of income in the game was from selling loot. Even poor loot already gives a lot more gold than the battle reward. This makes the ??? section of treasure chests more rewarding than the 2x gold one, which doesn't make much sense. An advance button to skip the chest spin animation would be nice too.

Other than those minor issues, the game is pretty solid. Its challenging enough at some points, but totally beatable without spending money. The unlimited skill and lvl pts resets are nice for changing your build, when you need to beat an specific level, or grinding for a while with the bonus loot from the passives, to make money if you see a nice item in the shop. The free crystal supply in the game is very good too. Its not that hard to get the 3 crystals from chests, and you can fully upgrade an item with that.

I believe theres a bug with mega beam. If you die while the beam is on, it continues indefinitely after you respawn.

I don't understand what to do when fighting last stage of death. I've been trying to kill it for 10 minutes and can't get the hp bar down, is there something wrong?

Wonderful game, i like them hardcore... Too many people complaining in the comments...Its not THAT hard...
Unfortunately, that boss in cave of immortals is impossible! Cant dodge the beans... im almost givin up :(

It could be good. But i can't give myself to put 5 stars. As someone who like to get 100% before going to the next stage, i find this.. annoying.

What do i mean? I'm talking about the "Monster-Wall that can only be destroyed though fireball"

3 time in a row, i get monster-wall that come in pair. So my mana regen can't keep up with the rate they spawn to.

I wish i could destroy these wall monster with normal shoot.