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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

zarakibr, add

Feel free to add me: Eirh

great game!
add me: YesRoy

Great game. Mana upgrades would be nice, And better cost/benefit on the more advanced spells. A 300 mana spell when 300 is max should at least clear the screen. Just firing the 100 cost bolt 3 times does more.

A bit more description for the weapons would be nice. It tells you when you unlock it, but it's gone afterwards. Also, it'd be nice to have a weapon with more spread. I assumed the three shot looking version of the main gun would work like the classic 3 spread shot.

Overall a great and fun game.

Add me for the 'coop'


Overall I must say it's very good. Graphics, controls and about everything seems very nice. There are some minor glitches, but they occur very rarely and don't affect gameplay. Music is good too.

So to focus on the negative aspects:

First we have the voice acting. It's not bad, but for voice acting to not be annoying it has to be extremely good, and it's not.

At the moment I have 100% at normal mode and 80% at hard. One thing I don't like so much is that skill points used to upgrade hero or ship doesn't matter so much anymore. Completely stripped I do 175dmg and have 1866hp. When I spend all 74 sp on upgrading my hp i get 4665. When I do the same for dmg I get 420. The equipment brings me up to 1145dmg and 8359hp without sp. The difference made by spending sp on these stats doesn't really pay of. In the end the equipment means everything.

So instead I focus on magic. But here there's severe limitations. Max mp is 300, which is what several of the mightiest magic demands, so It's impossible to save up. The mp roof should also be increasable. And the last mp plus upgrade only gives 10 extra starting mp. There's no increase at all to the regeneration. 5 sp for 10 extra mp during the start? Come on.

All in all this makes sp relatively useless at late levels. The only thing I find really necessary is to upgrade speed and to get the grenade. Also, I upgrade mp plus to lvl 8 to get max regeneration. After that I upgrade hp and dmg to lvl 3 for all, but after that I do not feel i get bang for the buck.

I'm not sure yet. It seems like magic attacks will be quite pointless compared to main weapons later on, so the only useful skills would be shield and speed.

The treasure chest is somewhat annoying. After having seen it for over hundred times, it takes way to long time. I sometimes avoids it just to get to restart earlier. Make it possible to make it quicker.

One thing I really miss is in game info about pros and cons about the different weapons types. I'd also like if there were more differences between light, medium and heavy that just that the latter has higher stats in general. A medium just seems like being the same as a light that has lvl 30 higher or so, so what's the point of the categories?

I hate your date format. Use ISO 8601! That's the only logical way to express it.