Reviews for "Reduce"

Good very good!!!!!

Mejson responds:


Yup this the best! :)

Mejson responds:

I appreciate it...

its really good man :P ... hey keep up the good work like you always have :)

Mejson responds:

Thanks :)

Its really , really good , expect the voices...they are weird ( i know you guys did your best to voice acting but still) In some parts same characters got different voices..witch maked me confused to be honest.Animation at its best really , keep it up good work.

Mejson responds:

OK, thanks...

So the scenario... is that they've all been shrunk down in size? Where? How? Why? All kinds of questions pop up when it begins, and makes you wonder if there might be a prequel somewhere, or how it was all arranged... but once you start getting into it it's all good after all! Good story, and so much detail with the characters. Impressive level of detail, which does show in how Flash occasionally bogs down a bit... couldn't run it with highest quality after all.

Btw the presentations: don't seem to open correctly? Old link maybe? Overall nice work! Looking forward to catching up on this, and seeing the sequels later on too.


Mejson responds:

This is deliberate :) Your questions... this will be explained during the whole saga of Reduce: P
I will try to make sure there are no lags in Reduce 2 :) And the animation will be in 1000 x 700 px, so everything will be better visible :)

Old links? Rather, they should be for links on NG, sorry for my mistake.

Reduce 2 will be much more: interesting, zero lags, more actions and some questions will be explained :)

Thank You very much, my new friend :)