Reviews for "Day Dream Adventure"

Good game, but kinda easy, smash A, and get every medals !

I Like Backgrounds Very Much! Lol I Like The Paper Drawing Field One Its Like My Little Brother's Draw Haha
This Game Will Be Better If You Make Some Magic Attacks And New Design To Bosses!
-If Youre Going To Update, Make Mor Background Like Kid's Draw. Thats Great!

Damn don't make a game that is so addicting great game
gameplay (great)
background (cool as the northpole)
music (Good)
Bosses (not so much)

I like it
The gameplay is a little repetitive, but the background art.... THE BACKGROUND ART..... GOD.... GOD, HOW I LOVED THE BACKGROUND ART!!!!!!! xDDDD

spent the last few hours trying to get all the medals..... grinding to lv 50.... no seventh boss.....