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Reviews for "Challenger Approaching..?"

I was wondering when this was gonna come up on this site! I enjoyed it at the time and I still enjoy it now!

Great work!


Eastbeast responds:

Yeah it is finally up! Thanks bro!

KAKUNANA KAKUNE! (Live life richly, Connor-san!)

if memory serves me well...kakunas evolves to beedrills...what these guys of nintendo are thinking?
nice animation

Skype will do this to anyone

I laughed pretty hard at this, and I could totally see Kakuna being a pretty badass challenger.
Everyone get ready to rage at the Kakuna.
And his Alt skins can be Metapod, Silcoon and Cascoon.

I liked it. The punchline was great as well as the animation. The part with Kakuna and his wife wasn't really necessary in my opinion. And the credits (including the plug at the end) was almost as long as the movie itself. Other then that though, good stuff!