Reviews for "Famous Painting Parodies6"

Way mad, sir.
Like, though...

I found all paintingngs and all medals :)

awesome game...loved it loved it!!! can wait to play all the rest :3

It's humorous and challenging just like the others.

Excellent art parody and excellent game in excellent series!

The difficulty increased in this one as the most famous paintings seem to have been used up by previous games in this series. I got almost everything right from first try in previous episodes, but in this episode I got just about 2/3rds right from first try.

My favorite parodies in this episode are Birth of Venus and VJ day - very witty.

Learned about a lot of cool paintings I didn't knew - Magic Circle and Woman in Sun - these will be some of my new favorites. Thanks - to the author about a fun way to discover great art!