Reviews for "Famous Painting Parodies6"

I came in here expecting a piece of crap, and I left laughing after playing a wonderful game. The only thing keeping this game from 5 stars, was the 3D glasses button, which seemed to be a bit buggy and unresponsive some times. Otherwise, this was a very fun game. I hope that you continue to make more of these.


4.5 stars for the exact reason as the last one, there's still the bug where you can select another choice after you get a question wrong, and there's enough time to do so twice...the ideas weren't as clever this time around, but at it hasn't gotten sloppier. Also, the medals are too much of a giveaway...

man,this game is awesome XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just say LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a quiet and easy game, also pretty funny, I got a good score although I have to admit that most were lucky hunches, by the way when I got one right I was looking for it on google, that nightmare painting is going to my desktop.