Reviews for "Kingbastard [ boxclever ]"

Possibly 2nd best of all...

I listened to your music since you started on NG. Every track is something new. There is no repeat of a sound, or use of sound clips of other things used once before, it's all fresh. all from the twisted mind of the bastard.


oh, also... how can I get a copy of Upwnstairs? I'm basically restless and want a calming track.

Run by my page one day and look at my music.

Kingbastard responds:

If you put that link into your browser it should take you to the trk download, thanks a lot for the review, appreciate it.

this is MP3?

Wow, and to think I almost went to sleep a few minutes ago....

A favorite lyricist of mine once pronounced to some effect that: every four minutes of your life u spend listening to something is four minutes of your life u will never get back.

KB-thnak you for using up four more minutes of my life (and the shit keeps looping :D)

I truly cant believe this is an MP3 version. It reminds me of Aphex Twin-with a softer brighter feel to it in most parts, crazy depth too. I could go on mentioning every amazing part of this song but no one would ever want to read such a long review.

My buddy from music college makes music similar to this in Acid, so I get annihilated by this style so to say...

Yours specifically, amazes me. I envi your talent. And you do mix bloody well!

If possible I would like a copy in a non-mp3 format?! aim=beatmasterJAG or=jag763wtf@yahoo.com

Keep it wildstyle, I can't wait for more!

Kingbastard responds:

Thanks very much for the review, i have pm'ed you a link on NG and also sent the same link to you via email so you can download a hi-fi version of the trk.


Great production KB. This new style is almost unrecognizable. With mad switches in mood and 303's going around. I also love that Tresor snare sample.

Nice one. :)

- Thomas (Watercolour)


Kingbastard responds:

Cheers man, thanks for reviewing


Nice track man... where the hell are all ur other songs? i tried searching them on NG but it said that there is no such author... what happened man? where have you been? please pm me.. i realy wanna know... thnx... and its a great song as all the other of your songs!! :)

Kingbastard responds:

My other songs are floating around the interweb somewhere, check out my myspace page or mixposure page if you wanna hear some more stuff, both new and old.
As for where i've been, I've been moving house and moving on:)


Since Rucklo had it in his sig as the possible "McGodlyBurger we've all been waiting for," I figured I'd have to listen to this and review.

And the results are in... This song is interesting. Well put together. Definitely something worth listening to and the download.

But the question remains- is it worth the McGodlyBurger?


However, it is, without question, the McPerfectBurger recipient today.

Why not McGodly? It seems to be missing that crucial ingredient, that "special sauce", if you will- It's great and all, but it just doesn't seem to hit it.

Anyways, good to have yer music back, and glad to see you back! :D


Kingbastard responds: