Reviews for "Kingbastard [ boxclever ]"

Uber sounds

Music to conquer the world with


all your sonds are like the butter to my toast.!

nice beat

this song is fucking awesome....TO THE FUCKING MAX

where did you get the idea of this song cause it sounds awesome

Kingbastard responds:

tricky question... the idea for the trk was pretty much conjoured up from me not having access to write muci for about 6weeks, so i sat there stewing over what sort of thing i would write next, therefore i would say the idea came from timeaway from making music:) thanks for the review


heard the song on the collab video and this version is so much cleaner and tighter sounding. I love how it stays simple but keeps my interest with random quippets of snippety ticky tack. that ol' chestnut. The reverb dj scratches were kinda messy but worked with the glitchy feel of the song. the hi hats were lots of fun. the use of the filter cut on the bass in sync with the rythm worked great. very successful lil tune yah got here.

Kingbastard responds:

reverb dj scratches eh! i'm 100% certain i didnt use any scratches in this trk:) Cheers fro the review man, been a long time hearing from you.

love it

i love all the dif sounds you used after every bump

Kingbastard responds:

cool man, keep on listening:)