Reviews for "Kingbastard [ boxclever ]"

8-Bit Techno

At first I was like, "This sort of dark and eerie song doesn't really fit Box Clever." Then I heard the transition and it became this very awesome up-beat techno, 8-bit like song and was like "WHOA!" Now THAT fits the game! Nice work.

Kingbastard responds:

I didn't realised this had been used in a game:P Thanks for the review.

This is the business.

I love you. Not much else to say. Sorry, no constructive feedback, this is just really awesome.

Kingbastard responds:

hahaha, no worries, everyone loves hearing things like that:)

I dig this song.

Your music is like a drug. Makes me feel...a lot of things. I love it.
Keep up the awesome work!

Kingbastard responds:

cheers:) and as with every drug there is always a comedown, so make sure you have plenty of soup and bread:P

Love it. <3

Quite possibly my favorite song of yours :) Please make more like this!

Kingbastard responds:

I'll try:)

still looking

im just going thru yer songs still and im so glad that u do more than one kind of music and do it well too
most people only do one kind and do a good job
well on to the next

Kingbastard responds:

Cheers matey, hope you enjoy the rest.