Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

An awesome sequel to an awesome game loved the first part and love this one!
Nice and smooth gameplay, cute graphics combined with well done sound effects (play without music)
Missed the personal rewards from the first part (facilitys, pokals etc), but a really well done upgrady system is also nice ;)

The first medal (100 kills) doesnt work always when I open the game, it say I get it (when I kill the first enemy), but only in the game and with 0 points as reward show insteed of 5.

Ceep on the great work!

How do you get the "Who Are Devs?" Achievement

i wish magnets would work on chests

still my favorite game from soul game studios, so adicting, fast and a lot of content to enjoy, im going for the 100%, gotta get those ratings

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for the nice words, have fun on the way to 100%

I have completed this game several times alredy and I still loving it