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Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

Oh, man. What time is it? I can't stop playing!!!!

10x times better than the 1. one skins great everything is great! 11/10! my favorite game! just perfect no lag even!

Really love the new upgrading system. Definitely better than Rogue Soul 1. And U really need to try this game.

I loved the first one and i was ecstatic to see you made a second! I like that you made it more of a mission based game with a quasi-story instead of just the endless city. awesome customization, nice music, missions, and fun animation too. my only complaint was that i found with only the missions, it was a bit short but you have the endless mode too and there's so much else to do so in the end wasn't a big deal ;) overall, thanks for making a second one and amazing job. Kudos!

Nice game. But it gets really little bit harder.
Really love the music. Graphics and animation cool