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Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

Impressive game, can be difficult but it's incredibly addicting to play. I do have one minor problem though regarding the Street Killer medal and that is that it refuses to accept that it has been unlocked. Every time I start the game up and kill the first enemy that medal continues to say it has been unlocked.

SoulGame responds:

Sorry about that, it's a boring bug we're trying to fix.

This is a damned tricky auto runner. Excellent quality graphics, sound and brilliantly innovative gameplay as with Soul Driver. Only played for about ten minutes, but I've bookmarked it because I'm definitely going to want to finish this one. Seems like a steep learning curve to me... perhaps I'm just getting old and slow, so keep it steep! A game that's too easy is for little kids!

Wonderfully comprehensive- shop for upgrades, skins, extra moves, good explanation of new moves as they're activated and well done for putting reminders for them in the menu screen... this is how it's done: You jump right in and play with basic moves, receive one more thing at a time- you don't get dumped in the deep end from the get go.

Flawlessly coded overall- glitch and bug free. Great sound design. Excellent animation reminiscent of some of the madness games (limbs? We don't need to see no steenkin' limbs! Torso, head, hands and feet are fine. The moves are pretty cool too. Most of all, it's a whole lot of fun- even when failing hard- just makes you want to jump right back in and do it right!

I haven't played the first Rogue Soul... how did I miss it? Well, that's not going to happen again: Thanks and favourited, Soulgame! Five stars.

SoulGame responds:

Many thanks for your nice & detailed feedback :)

An awesome sequel to an awesome game loved the first part and love this one!
Nice and smooth gameplay, cute graphics combined with well done sound effects (play without music)
Missed the personal rewards from the first part (facilitys, pokals etc), but a really well done upgrady system is also nice ;)

The first medal (100 kills) doesnt work always when I open the game, it say I get it (when I kill the first enemy), but only in the game and with 0 points as reward show insteed of 5.

Ceep on the great work!

Very beautiful & fun game. I love the upgrade system, i love the running system. I love everything about it, though i wished it was a bit longer & more bosses! Those bosses were unique & awesome! Very very nice!!! The last boss got me by surprise!!!!!!!!!!! I thought i beat him until he started shootinng more fireballs on the ground I have no more continues & 0 gear defense! Idk how i survived for 3 long minutes dodging every fireball he kept throwing at me until i realized i had to hit the little blue spheres hahaha! i beat him that was an amazing experience! next time do bosses like that with surprises at the end! it really caught me off guard! 5 STARS :D

SoulGame responds:

Awesome, thanks! We'll add more bosses next time.

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