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Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

This game is excellent but there are a few things that I hope were different:
1. It would be better if players could disable those attack moves they don't like after buying them since they are only different animations that make no difference in gameplay. I personally would disable headbutts and back flips.
2. Medal lag. Medals are not awarded that often so it's usually not that bad but it was enough to make my game crash after getting the "Platium Rogue" badge. I got the medal in Newgrounds but I had to get the 50000 loot again to get the 100%-medal as the crash happened before the score was saved.

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for the suggestion on moves, that makes sens. Regarding medals, I've tried my best to fix this but I can't figure it out. Sometimes it works, sometime winning a medal still makes everything really laggy. Sorry about that.

DID SOMEBODY SAY GOOD GAME?!?!?!?! CUZ THIS IS IT!!!!!!! it is amazing various powerups upgrades and cool features it's amazing i think i want rouge soul 3 or maybe rouge soul that is somewhat like mario galaxy yeah that could be nice great game tho

Absolutely addicting!
Finally finished the Survival!
50K loot + 4K distance!!
Winner screen is up adding score and...
Flash crashes.
I got the medal but not the 100% and my score has not been saved. So for 100% medal have to run and slice again.
Which brings me back to number 1: Absolutely addicting :D

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for keeping your comment positive despite the crash :)

ow yea i got all costume and some swords its easy but little bit harder

Honestly, this is one of the best flashes I've played here, topped only by Goin' up and EBF4(Bless that game). It only had one little hiccup (Cutscenes not showing current equipped items) but that's easily overlooked. The game was fluid, original, and really gave me a good time. Controls were great, and that Hunter Challenge Endless kept me on my toes. Even the moneygrinding was fun! The levels never get old, and the little parcour moves you can do to dodge plus the buyable moves are a nice touch.
10/10, Props to you, SoulGames.

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for your awesome review.