Reviews for "Rogue Soul 2"

this is awesome rogues soul 345678910 should be made lol

That game is incredible, i like how the graphics is made, is like a cartoon, you making right, i am waiting for the new game you are making, show for me when you finish it! I want to be one of the first players of will play the new game you making, stickman is the better style game made, imagine a RPG OF STICKMAN ?!? IS THAT THE GAME YOU MAKING! You incredible, thanks for reading this far !!
Arigatō sayōnara

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for your enthusiasm! Don't hesitate to like our facebook page to be alerted of our new games release.

that has a certain resemblance to Assassins Creed _/\_

Great game, but Assassin's creed soul would be fun...

This game is so fanfriggin amazing! its rare that a flash game gets my repeated playing, but i havent played another game on newgrounds for a week. cant wait to check out your other games!
PS is there going to be a rougue souls #?
PPS I would have given this 6 stars if i could. This is my favourite game on all of newgrounds.

Keep up the good work!
-SmarterThenYou(Smarter then everyone but you that is. :D)

SoulGame responds:

Thanks! I'm proud our game is your favorite around :) Yes I we would love to continue the Rogue Soul series.