Reviews for "Troll Tale"

fun :)

Ridiculous, but only to the point where it made it all the more worth playing :P

Just a "what the hell ?" and "oh i get it!" game. its funny, pretty easy , just moving the mouse around and find somewhere clickable, very linear, lack of choices to click for something alternative, click counter is kinda unnecessary but okay just for avoiding not to click too much or else i don't get an achievement or something. the animation is alright, i've seen better or worse. the joke about clicking things that doesnt do anything, that was pretty funny like the door that won't open and then when i found something to click and proceed i was like "oh i get it!" anything more i won't spoil it. i'd recommend to play it. so yeah, i like it.
my first time score was 215 clicks cause i accidentaly click any time when i thought there was gonna be some quicktime event somewhere anytime so i clicked many times when its animating. 10Mns and 21 seconds. scored 305907 point so yeah, i think i'm okay.
good game.

Its a very cool game and Its easy

294 Clicks
9 Minutes and 6 Seconds
Final Score:293875