Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

Quality art! But unfortunately that is it; the rest is pretty awful. Now as for the sound, I do like how the sound has a Doppler effect; the sounds themselves are very annoying and causes frustration. The idle animation is cute and all but that does not make up for its horrid controls and level design.

Good god the controls. Okay to start with the animation is cute. There is a lot of funny things to be found some of the hazards don't get but are fairly funny and there is a lot to be found, assuming you can deal with the controls.
The music isn't bad.
Finally the controls, this made the game unplayable for me. The characters movements are stiff and awkward. You can't trust the jump and simply have to hope you make it from one platform to another since often the hipster wound not jump as far as other times. I'm aware momentum has a lot to do with this but even then it was difficult to gauge and your hipster seems to only need to get a walking start half of the time.
I really want to like this game but in my opinion you only delivered half of a game as the hit or miss controls made me not want to bother with it, and it seems I'm not the only one. The hazards themselves should be enough without havering to make the controls unwieldy.


I was about to give up on it.But then i made it and got to the credits.pretty cool message

God I hated this game..... Maybe it is the whole hipster thing...