Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

I don't know why,but all I thought about during this game was "*Cleaveland voice* Oh no! She's gonna eat the skinny boy!!"

Also,I'm German and I love the lyrics for the background music for some reason... o_o Other wise,this was a funny ass game.

Technical: Laggy, wonky controls. Too resource-hungry, especially once the hipsters start piling up but even before then. Game could do for some major optimization. Music going in and out and changing volume depending how close/far the main character is to the music source is a nice touch.

Artistic: This game definitely has artistic charm to it. Lots of stuff going on. Clear effort put into everything. Makes one wonder what the backstory is behind nearly everything, especially the red stuff going on you can see as a ghost. Demonstrates several types of "hipsters" and not just the protagonist. Clearly is meant to convey an artistic message of sorts. Perhaps the game is meant to be played "ironically" by hipsters.

Music: Definitely seems fitting and in some cases even seems it was made specifically for this game itself. Music is pretty good.

Grind: This game is entire grind. Why? Of course it may be a part of the overall artistic message. What is this game trying to tell us?

Hipster: Why is he always tapping stuff out on his iPad? Why does he want to kill himself over and over again? Why is he so angsty? Why does he throw a literal temper tantrum when he finds the store closed? These behaviors all seem not so much "hipster" but moreso "emo". In fact the protagonist seems more emo than hipster. If only he had a razor blade he'd probably constantly cut his wrists.

Dark content: Obviously the game's content is pretty dark if it features the main protagonist killing himself over and over again, and even murdering a couple others. This isn't a problem in itself but what will you do if someone does carry out violence in real life and blames it on this game? It's definitely a problem game makers, particularly of violent games, need to keep in mind these days.

I'm glad others remarked it was an older game that was rereleased because I thought I had a major sense of deja-vu at first. It probably would be more accurate to call this game "Die Emo" than "Die Hipster", basing on the protagonist.

I really like the concept of the game and i found a number of funny parts but I can't give it any higher than a three because of stiff and difficult controls.

I FINALLY GOT THAT MEDAL >.< The final Elbows
I'll leave a hint on how to get it

Remember the big billboard on the building? keep going left <.<

The games runs good sometimes and choppy at other times. Maybe my windows 8 shitbox/laptop... Anyway. I really liked this. The sounds were good. Loved the music. The storyline was good and short. I can't find the final elbows (?) thing.