Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

My type of the game! 5 stars! Guys who rated it low, don't have a clue!!
You really made my day!

Pretty Hilarious game.
The only major issue i found is that the voices were actually hard to hear. Especially the Hipster's voice.
I really couldn't understand half of the stuff he said.
But the half i heard was hilarious!
People who rated really low haven't even tried.

Lets be honest yeah nice graphics, nice music, etc.

But where the hell is the gameplay? I know this is one of those supposed "artsy" games but man, really this ins't fun. Where is the fun? Its too hip too deep4me probably but I prefer my games with gameplay.

Don't know how it ends and I don't care anymore I already went far and its still boring. It not worth the time of the typical Newgrounds demographic.

doesn't need story. this is a game about doing random shit in a fake world.
it is fucking awesome because of that.

This is really stupid, first of all it's in German and it's really annoying. How do you expect this game to appeal to an english audience?