Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

super graphic, music, nice scary setting, the master judgement is ripping your skin off at the antenna I found it only by accident^^

Hope I can write that here or just delete my coment =)

I played this years ago. It aged well, with superior graphics, concept and music/sound compared to most flash games...

But man, it suffers greatly from its difficulty! nearly impossible to climb the building, and failing will mean starting over again...

At the end I got bored and watched the end in youtube... Can't be bothered with retarded impossible jumps

At first I thought this was gunna be another generic torture game, but I am thoroughly impressed. Really had me going wht the F*** during the afterlife visions.

The way to get the top of the building is a bit hard, but a good game never the less.

How do you get the final elbow? I regret I did not continue on the left when I was suggested to.