Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

I found a glitch as I was falling into the elevator I hit 'f' and the entire screen went black. Jumping at some parts was very frustrating. I enjoyed a lot of the background characters, music, and the different death animations. Is this the only level?

took me quite a few attempts to get up the side of the building after not realizing where i had to go... but that may just me having a d'oh moment. Having a great time playing it so far, im coming back for a second play ;) the music is pretty loud on some of the tracks and the main characters' should be amped slightly, could be my speakers tho, think ill try me brand new headphones in proper Hipster Style... great animation and game so far ;)

Anyone have any idea where that version of the Bob Schneider song, "Mix It Up" comes from?

This is a pretty good game but I can't stand the pigeon and the skull and that little bastard that keeps throwing balls out the window. But it is a pretty good game

Incredibly laggy,Cant complete the game, It just makes the whole game go down..