Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

the final mast requires you hot very slightly to thhe left of the center of the roof

Great game, my only complaint would be my computer.

The music/artwork direction that you took really didn't agree with me. For a game mocking hipsters, it's too hipster in itself, plus the main character is too much of a little bitch. I tried to play the underlying game, honestly I did, but I got up to the kid dropping the ball and.. The jumping mechanic just felt too clunky

Pretty cool :)

I like the overall design, but for me the control reaction speed felt a little bit numb. The noises made on every jump also became a little distracting. It would have been nice to have the initial twitter message disappear too, in order to signal me to start playing. I sat there waiting for the next message haha.

Overall, nice work :)

Got all 7 trophies, went to the end of the hall... now nothing happen. I can't move and the screen is slowly zooming but there is no animation or anything. Won't replay again.