Reviews for "Die Hipster!"

Honestly,i still want to know what the name of the song Julian Velard plays is called. I'm loving that one a lot.

Pretty nice game and most specifically the art style is very cool. The characters kinda remind me of muppets or Sesame Street characters (the player looks a bit like Bert :p).

I gave up on playing this pretty quickly, though, because the controls are a bit slow (seems like it takes the hipster almost a second to respond to keyboard input) and because I don't feel like climbing up all the way every time, becuase I was 'thrown' off the ledge. May be a lack of patience, but at least making the controls work a little smoother would inprove gameplay.

how to get the final elbow endgame hitmen and the mast judgement?

Its not terrible but its kind of nuts to expect people to do that thing 100 times.

I like it