Reviews for "The Benefits of Free Pres"

least turn the musak down and made her wetter and more boobie movement and make her ride,. be the aggressor
she sought out the guy and did NOT do shit to get the interview

This is the kind of crap that makes me sick of regular porn. Bad writting everywhere, the girl is dumb as fuck and the music is so generic it's actually taking out of the possible enjoyment/entertainment that this could provide. The facial expressions are so generic, it's not even funny. This is a typical hollywood porno movie and it's bad. No originality.

It was pretty good, your art style is interesting, but you should add a button to mute the music, it gets annoying really quickly.

no stars, fucking tired of these fucking slovv-mo H games. i've got a life dude, don't make me vvaste my time.

this a great idea for my new roleplay!