Reviews for "Bowsette"

Secretly I think the reason Bowsette is so popular is because more men like hentai than they care to admit.

PS: This gave me a boner.

Really nicely done, absolutely love your colour choices too.. *BUT* even though I absolutely love the design of it, does this actually count as Bowsette considering that that's not what the supercrown looks like? Doesn't remove from the work -at all-, just genuinely curious as it's entered into the contest.

AntonOxenuk responds:

I changed the design of the crown because I thought it worked better with my design intention. Whether or not this deviation applies is up to the judges, I'm fine with whatever judgement they will have.

just perfect!

best Bowsette I've seen yet! Keep up the amazing work!

Well of all the pieces of Bowsette this one by far is my favorite. It's just perfect.